MISS & MISTER DEAF UNIVERSUM 2023, 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY AND 10th ELECTION, 10. november - 20. november in gallipoli, italy



MISS & MISTER DEAF UNIVERSUM is a international, non-profit organization that deaf women and men barrier-free for success. New beginning the deaf universum.

We give deaf women and men a stage who change the world, shape it with attitude, conviction and personality and take responsibility. At Miss & Mister Deaf Universum, the focus is on accessibility, individuality and diversity. We are looking for deaf women and men who go their own way, have a clear goal in mind and are committed to a better future. We rely on authentic personalities who pursue new standards with their attitude and encourage others to do the same.

For generations we have given outstanding deaf women and men a stage. Women and men who change the world and shape it with attitude, conviction and personality. We enthusiastically follow them on social media and experience how they inspire us with their visions. They set new standards and are role models. That's exactly why we made Miss & Mister Deaf Universum a platform that not only meets the demands and goals of these leading figures, but also offers a real stage for these visionary and creative influences.

We the organizers always organize like a lovely family.

Our Team

Arne B. - CEO, founder and owner

Bobi -
Head of CEO, leader & Organizer

Miss Bee -
Head of CEO, Leader & Organizer

Miss Budsayamas M.

Miss Natthanan C.
Coach and Choreographer helper

Michal B.
Coach for Mister

Ilda S.
Coach ffor Miss/Aide